Journal of Aligner Orthodontics 1 (2017), Nr. 1

Controlling orthodontic tooth movement with clear aligners
An updated systematic review regarding efficacy and efficiency
Rossini, Gabrielle / Parrini, Simone / Deregibus, Andrea / Castroflorio, Tommaso

Effect of aligner material on orthodontic tooth movement
Wheeler, Timothy / Patel, Neha / McGorray, Susan

The effect of attachment placement and location on rotational control of conical teeth using clear aligner therapy
Momtaz, Pouya / Mah, James

Accelerated Invisalign treatment of patients with a skeletal Class III
Schupp, Werner / Haubrich, Julia / Ojima, Kenji / Dan, Chisato / Kumagai, Yuriko / Otsuka, Sumimasa

Prevention of tooth impaction with Invisalign: a case report
Couchat, David

Evaluation of Invisalign treatment using the Peer Assessment Rating (PAR) index
Ramis, Maria del Mar / Gandia, Vicente / Bellot-Arcís, Carlos / Cibrian, Rosa / Paredes-Gallardo, Vanessa / Gandia, Jose Luis

Assessment of phonetic alterations in patients treated with F22 aligners
Arreghini, Angela / Beretta, Arianna / Lombardo, Luca / Almoni, Claudia / Siciliani, Giuseppe

Effect of composite attachment on initial force system generated during canine rotation with plastic aligners: a threedimensional finite elements analysis
Arango, Juan Pablo Gómez / Peña, Fabio Marcelo / Valencia, Esteban / Mesa, Carlos Eduardo

Invisalign treatment in early years to avoid potential extraction treatments - case reports
Haubrich, Julia / Schupp, Werner

Traction of impacted teeth with the Invisalign System
Couchat, David

Short clinical screening procedure for initial diagnosis of temporomandibular disorders
Meyer, Georg

Multidisciplinary treatment-increase of vertical dimension combined with Invisalign treatment
Solano Mendoza, Beatriz / Gómez García, Lorena / Pourhamid, Hourieh / Solano, Enrique

Correcting severe deep bite with the Invisalign appliance
Reistenhofer, Bärbl / Triessnig, Fanny / Besser, Katharina

Case reports on mandibular advancement with clear aligners in growing subjects
Castroflorio, Tommaso / Garino, Francesco / Parrini, Simone / Deregibus, Andrea

Clinical evaluation of the tooth movement in aligner orthodontic treatment with and without acceleration devices: Part 1
Xie, Xianju / Yin, Hongyang / Schupp, Werner / Haubrich, Julia / Gerwing, Hanna / Bai, Yuxing

Finishing with clear aligner appliances: a systematic review
Mendoza, Beatriz Solano / Martín, Galder Hernando / Jiménez, Carolina Caleza

Comparison of tooth movement with aligners with and without acceleration devices
Part 2: Oral health-related quality of life and pain in patients with acceleration devices
Xie, Xianju / Yin, Hongyang / Schupp, Werner / Haubrich, Julia / Gerwing, Hanna / Bai, Yuxing

Continuing diagnostics of the temporomandibular and musculoskeletal system (TMS/MSS)
Schupp, Werner / Funke, Julia / Boisserée, Wolfgang / Heller, Rainer / Haubrich, Julia

Molar distalization 2 by 2
Bergeyron, Patrice

Anterior dental spacing: Invisalign and restorative synergy for tooth size discrepancy management. Two case reports
Pavone, Antonello Francesco / Bazzucchi, Andrea / Mancini, Manuele / Pasquantonio, Guido

Mandibular molar distalization with clear aligners in Class III patients
Malekian, Kamy / Parrini, Simone / Garino, Francesco / Deregibus, Andrea / Castroflorio, Tommaso

Temporary Anchorage Devices (TADs) and Invisalign: a combination that can be used to meet aesthetic expectations in the orthodontic treatment of adult patients
Eliseo, Andrea / Fiorillo, Gianluigi

Initial therapy of occlusion
Schupp, Werner / Boisserée, Wolfgang / Tabancis, Maria / Funke, Julia

Effect of micro-osteoperforations on orthodontic tooth movement with clear aligner treatment
Choi, DoBin / Ngan, Peter / Shipley, Thomas / Mukdadi, Osama M. / Xiang, Jun

Randomized controlled trial: the gold standard or an unobtainable fallacy?
Bondemark, Lars / Ruf, Sabine

Complete digital in office workflow for aligner treatment with a fused filament fabrication (FFF) 3D printer: Technical considerations and report of cases
Krey, Karl-Friedrich / Hartmann, Marcel / Schicker, Peter / Corteville, Frederic / Eigenwillig, Philipp

Pain and discomfort associated with labial multibracket appliances vs clear aligners
Piergentili, Matteo / Bucci, Rosaria / Madariaga, Ada Carolina Pango / Martina, Stefano / Rongo, Roberto / D'Antò, Vincenzo

Aesthetic perception of interproximal wear as an adjunct to orthodontic treatment in different age groups
Pithon, Matheus Melo / Miranda, Nathallye Silva / Amorim, Camila da Silva / Tanaka, Orlando Motohiro / Coqueiro, Raildo da Silva / Maia, Lucianne Cople

Optimising tooth position with aligners prior to replacing teeth with singleretainer resin-bonded fixed dental prostheses (RBFDPs)
Otto, Bente / Elsayed, Adham / Kern, Matthias

Treatment of a challenging Class III malocclusion case using Invisalign clear aligners and micro-osteoperforation: a case report
Robertson, Lindsay / Lee, David / Eimar, Hazem / El-Bialy, Tarek

Journal of Aligner Orthodontics 3 (2019), No. 4

Aligner therapy in treating bimaxillary dentoalveolar protrusion
Chang, Stephen / Schupp, Werner / Haubrich, Julia / Yeh, Wei-Chang / Tsai, Min-Shi / Tabancis, Maria

A novel approach for aligner orthodontics: biomechanics-oriented orthodontics with Tads
Ojima, Kenji

Two challenging interdisciplinary cases managed by aligner therapy
Celenza, Frank

Clinical comparison of three aligner systems
Hammad, Hisham / Thedens, Knut / Younis, Mohammed H. Abo