Accelerated Extraction Treatment with Invisalign

We have seen a rising demand in recent years, especially from adults, for inconspiciuous and natural-feeling orthodontic appliances. When the Invisalign system was introduced, it had limitations such as the inability to control root movement and to move larger teeth over substantial distances. Advances in the quality of aligner material and attachments in the introduction of a new force system, however, have expanded the range of treatment possibilities from mild crowding to more difficult extraction cases. Even with aligner therapy, one of the greatest sources of dissatisfaction among adult patients remains the length of treatment. This report describes a patient with severe anterior crowding who was treated with Invisalign appliances after the extraction of both upper canines and lower frist premolars, using a microvibration device to accelerate tooth movement. […]

Ojima, K., Dan, S., Nishiyama, R., Ohtsuka, S., Schupp, W.

erschienen in
JCO 2014:8; 487-499