Invisalign mit wöchentlichen Wechseln: Fallstudien

The efficacy of using Invisalign Treatments to achieve major tooth movements and successfully treat a variety of complex malocclusions in adults and teenagers is documented in the published literature. Align Technology now recommends orthodontists prescribe weekly aligners changes in their Invisalign Treatments; this may reduce Treatment times by up to 50% compared with changes every 2 weeks. This recommendation is based on clinical Analysis of more than 200 ongoing Invisalign cases.

The objective of these case reports is to describe the use of the Invisalign System with weekly aligner changes in an adult Patient and a teenage Patient; then to Show the clinical efficacy and Impact of the new 1week wear recommendation in these cases.

Class II ad deep bite correction with the Invislaign System and weekly aligner changes.

Dr. Schupp, Dr. Haubrich and Dr. Castroflorio

White Paper Align Technology